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Booking Queries

If you are interested in booking the space we will give you access to the open calendar to view when the space is available (we also have a physical diary in the Hub which can be checked for availability) . Once you have confirmed if the space is available - please complete the booking form. 


The Community Hub is a voluntarily managed space for the Community. Our intention is that the space is created for the community by the community. As such we want bookings for the space to be appropriate to its use as an open and inclusive space. 


We also do not want to compete with other community spaces in the area and ask that you consider why you want to use the space rather than others and we would ask that you do look to other spaces too. The priority of the community space is that it provides support especially concerning energy, food, isolation and well-being so that the space should always be open, welcoming for people to come in and other uses do not impact on that. We are also considering the need for a community hub either in the Taj Mahal or elsewhere and so ask that you complete a few simple questions to confirm why you want to use the space and what need is it fulfilling that is not already available in the area. 


We have the upstairs room and a downstairs room and kitchenette and a kitchen, we do have toilets but they are up the stairs in the building- on your booking you need to specify which room you would prefer. Please note the kitchen use has a separate set of guidelines and these would need to be discussed before booking the kitchen. 


As a not for profit group we do not have a set fee for use - we ask that you make donations that are appropriate to your use. Donations can be made in cash in the Hub in the tin marked Community Hub, or can be made to our paypal account or directly into the bank account - we're happy to provide the bank account details. We are also happy to take volunteering time and skills in exchange for use of the space. 


Tea and coffee is available and you can help yourself to it - donations can be made to the tin marked Tea and Coffee Donations.


If you have not used the space before you will need to be inducted to use the space which involves showing how to open, switch everything on and off and leave the space as you found it. 


After your booking we will also ask you to complete a form confirming your experience of using the space so that we can use this information to continue to improve the use of the community hub. 


As a user of the space you will be added to the monthly newsletter and you will be invited to join the Advisory Group as we want to encourage all who use the space to be involved in its management. 

Are you interested in starting a new group or activity in the area?

We are very happy to chat about ideas for new events or activities, we are looking for groups or activities that do not happen in the area, or where a need for it is in evidence. We have very limited capacity to support and promote events so we also need to know that there are volunteers able to run these groups and activities and promote them. We are most interested in opening our doors to more people so we are always interested in groups and activities that will appeal to people who may not have been in the Hub before. Contact us at

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